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Networking Group

NetworkingThe networking group is a gathering of like minded women who share ideas and concerns relating to the organization and the wider community. It is an opportunity to network with prospective, new and existing members in a casual setting. The group gathers at a restaurant for a light supper and conversation. We learn new things about the organization’s programs and vision and support each other in our business and community work.

Networking is an opportunity for us to gather together with old friends and meet new ones.  All of us are very involved with friends and family and our work.  This takes a lot of time and energy, but perhaps now we can focus on discovering our passion.  Whether it’s tutoring or mentoring students, the upcoming election, improving women’s economic security, reading a good book, or developing our own business, we have a place to discuss these ideas.

What would be our desired state, if we didn’t have family and work demands on our time and we could pursue the thing that we love?  One aspect of having more time is the ability to pursue our dreams.  But how do we direct those thoughts and find the thing that gives our lives meaning?  This is an interesting conversation that we could share.

This upcoming season 2010-2011 is going to be packed with political debates, book groups and global issues and the like.  Let’s take a minute to step back and focus on our priorities.  Let’s consider the place where we get lost in the moment go beyond ourselves and use our gifts.  Perhaps we can share these thoughts and support each other in our pursuits.

All members and friends are invited to attend. Contact Judi Polizzotti for schedule and upcoming events at .


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